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Director's Desk

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

Dear Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum of the LD Institute of Indology. The museum presents a comprehensive overview of 2000 years of Indian art. Encompassing the geographical boundaries of north south east and west, the rich display of sculptures, manuscripts, miniature paintings, wood works, large cloth paintings, drawings, bead works and textiles allow the viewer to partake a visual journey of the diverse cultural ethos of our country. Located at Ahmedabad, the museum has a special wealth of manuscripts, miniature paintings, cloth paintings and sculpture from Gujarat, and many of these being exquisite artefacts of the heritage of the Jaina tradition.

A newly curated corner showcasing Buddhist bronze sculptures from Nepal, Tibet, and Mongolia has expanded the diversity of the museum display to encompass Asian art. Buddhist thankas, a large copper plated mandala and an exquisite Manjushri showcase the nuances of Buddhist iconography and allow a wonderful study alongside the remarkable Jain bronze of Padmavati devi, Adinath and Jina images.

Activities and gallery talks have seen a rise in the footfall of younger age group, and it is a delight to see academia making use of the display for their lectures and study. College school and mixed visitor groups make best of the displays as viewed from different vantage points through specially curated walks. The workshops and lectures add a practical angle to the study of the collections. Be it calligraphy course or natural methods of preserving manuscripts, eco printing, painting pichhwais to appreciating classical music, the museum has become the space for formatting our collective memories into a cohesive context.

Work behind the scenes is on a faster track. The newly fully equipped conservation laboratory is handling a variety of works and processes, although the focus remains on manuscripts. With the addition of modern equipment for in-depth processes, we look ahead to develop the laboratory to cater to the conservation needs of the city and Gujarat. The successful summer internship programme has kickstarted both internal training and a barrage of fresh ideas.

In this world of too much happening, we continue to envisage the museum as that special retreat. We invite you to spend your afternoon quietly contemplating on the delightful cloth painting questioning why Jain tirthankara Neminath left his wedding to become a monk. To lose yourself in the scenic Kangra hills gazing at the immortal frolic of Krishna, or gaze at the shiva imbibing the primordial energy of the universal teacher. Admire the architecture of BV Doshi, and enjoy the green campus with the peacock calls. Come, discover your museum, explore, learn, enjoy. Our heritage defines us.

We look forward to seeing you at the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

With best wishes,
Sujata Parsai
Director, Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum.